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RoBoats is a co-op party game that combines engaging mechanics with a unique use of technology. Working in asymmetrical pairs, players will fight for victory in a flooded arena that holds up to 12 players, each taking the role of either Captain or Gunner. What sets our game apart is that no controllers are needed to join the fun, instead players use their mobile phones and tablets to command their half of the ship with the RoBoats companion app. This app will also store each player’s individual progression and character customization, allowing you to keep your progress wherever you go.


Development began in January 2018, and started with a prototype to test the game concept and mobile input. In March, RoBoats won the Supermassive Games Award 2018, awarded for its unique concept and commercial viability. The game was scoped as a three month project, but after Animal Puree were selected for Tranzfuser 2018, receiving support to continue development, they released the original project for free as RoBoats: Legacy, and began developing for full release.


  • Battle in an arena of 6 boats, and take control as either Captain or Gunner.
  • Play in randomly-assigned, asymmetrical pairs that are re-shuffled every round.
  • Use your mobile phone as a controller and play locally with up to 12 friends.
  • Keep your progress wherever you go, with individual progression and character customization tied to the RoBoats companion app.
  • Immerse yourself in a flooded, post-human world filled with an assortment of mad corporations and rival robots.
  • Sink hours of fun into the numerous maps, game-modes and events.


RoBoats Announcement Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Supermassive Games Award 2018, awarded by Steve Goss, Director of Design and Technology at Supermassive Games" Falmouth Games Academy, March 2018

Selected Articles

  • "I decided to take a very pragmatic and commercial view of the material that I've seen. [...] I'm going to look at something, imagining it was developed in my studio and whether I'd want to put it out on the market."
    - Steve Goss, Director of Design and Technology at Supermassive Games, Supermassive Games

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Roboats Legacy
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About Animal Puree

Animal Puree is a UK games studio who have a passion for creating games that push the technical norm, while keeping a sense of humour. We are driven by challenge and strive to make games more accessible, believing innovation is the key to enticing new players and engaging the endlessly evolving community of gamers.

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RoBoats Credits

Troy Atkinson
Lead Developer

Luke Philp-Hines

James Farr

Jake Taylor-Elston

James Livingstone

Lizzi Osborne
Narrative Designer and Community Manager

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